Pool Fun!

I came up to Camano this morning for some Christmas fun with the Munro’s!  I met them at their local gym for open swim today.  I was a little hesitant to go swimming because I assumed the water would be freezing, but boy was I wrong!  As you can see by the photos below, the water was WARM, there was steam coming off of the pool.  It made some of the pictures look a bit ghostly!  Brooke’s Grandma Teresa & Uncle Austin are visiting for a few days too, so they met us at the pool for some swimming!

Annika Brooke

Papa & MacKenzie
“Say Cheese” Mackenzie!
Ghostly Julia & Annika Brooke
Aiden with Grandma Teresa

Julia & Alec with their girls
The girls having way to much fun!

More fun tomorrow…..that’s for sure….and maybe something else to share…..hmmmm what could it be……??

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