I Will Survive!

This past week has been AWFUL, I had a nasty case of the Norwalk Virus and Vertigo.  I’m still recovering and working on fluids, but am feeling 100x better then I was on Wednesday evening!!  I have to send a shout out to Jaime for surviving the drive home from Alderwood Mall in stop-and-go traffic with my vomiting next to her, Madison crying because she was exhausted and then Emmalee crying because she was freaked out why Madison was screaming!  It was a very heavenly drive home!  I don’t know how Jaime did, but somehow she got me home without killing me or Madison…even though I’m sure it was touch and go at times!

With that being said, I missed Madison’s Christmas Program on Wednesday night.  I was so bummed, and looking forward to that, she had been practicing her Christmas songs for weeks!  Sounds like it was really cute and fun!

I also missed out on my trip to Camano.  I had planned on going up to Camano on Thursday morning and staying through Monday night.  Needless to say, I didn’t make it.  I felt really guilty because I also missed the boys’ Christmas program, but Julia made me feel less guilty by informing me “I wasn’t invited, until I was 100% better”.  For some reason she didn’t want sick kids for Christmas??  :-)

So, now I’m playing catch-up on life, one of which is updating my blog *ahem Grandma*.  I am not sure what to update with when my last week insisted on trips to the bathroom and doctor – haha!  But here ya go to all my diehard blog readers (aka Grandma & Aunt Sue!).

Since I had nothing overly exciting to share, I thought I’d share a cute collage from Facebook that I made using one of their apps!  Here is a collage of photos I have posted over the year on Facebook!  I thought it was a pretty accurate account of 2009!  It also gave me a great idea for an end of they year post!  Gotcha on the edge of your seats now, haven’t I!  Well you’ll have to keep checking back!!


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