Knit-A-Long: Seahawks vs. Bears


Game 3 was a LOT easier than game 2 and all my problems I had! It also was a much far less rows to knit due to a lower scoring game (thank goodness!); I didn't even have to change colors which was nice, though it took a lot of concentration to count the rows! Best of all the Seahawks finally got a win and go 1-2 for the season!

Game 3: Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks (0-26)

I'm still frustrated with the spot where I had all the problems in last week's game. There's a couple spots that have serious puckering and problems, but I'm hopeful it'll become much less noticeable the farther from it I go. For now, it's driving my OCD eyes nuts because that's the first thing I see. Annoying.

I'm excited to start game 4 and hoping to get close to being caught up in time for Sunday's game. I think week 4 has only 23 rows which is 3 less than even this week! Bring on game 4!

Follow along with me, a newbie knitter, all season as I knit every, single point the Seattle Seahawks score and somehow make a cowl! Check out my past game progress…

  1. Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams (Loss 31-34)
  2. Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers (Loss 17-27)


Knit-A-Long: Seahawks vs. Packers


This game was pretty much eons ago! I wish I could say that I'm just super behind on my project, but the truth is I somehow made a HUGE mistake and ended up having to pull-out like four rows. NOT FUN.

Week 2: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers (17-27)

Last Friday night I finished this game, or so I thought! I even took pictures for this blog post! I was so proud to be done with game 2 AND still have time to possibly complete game 3 before game 4 even started! After taking the picture I continued on to the first row of the next game quickly completing it and moving onto the next round. However, that's when I started to realize my knitting had problems. BIG PROBLEMS!

I tried my best to fix it on my own, even after Wanda told me to STOP AND WAIT for her to help. Stopping wasn't an option because it was only Friday and I had a mission to catch-up!

I spent most of Friday evening trying to fix my mistake, but in the end I gave up. I think my fixing made it even worse! I finally went back to Wanda and begged for assistance.

I got a Yikes, how many rounds? response and at that point panicked.

She calmed me down and suggested I YouTube Knitting Lifeline which might be able to help me easily rip out my bad rows. I did the research and tried on my own, but couldn't quite get it. I finally just put the knitting down and gave in to the fact I was stuck until Monday. Good thing I had a busy weekend and didn't have much time to sit and pout about my knitting problems.

On Monday Wanda showed me how to use the Knitting Lifeline to fix my mistake and I (sadly) ripped out four rows of my hard work. As I cried with each row I removed, I kept telling myself You're a perfectionist, leaving this mistake would drive you crazy.

It took a lot longer than I thought to rip out the bad rows and get re-started, but it got done and tonight I completed game two…again…all 46 rows of it!

Here's a look at the ENTIRE cowl so far….


I'm still a bit concerned that it's a bit triangular, but Wanda keeps promising it's just because it's on the knitting needles…I hope she's right! I also have to laugh because mine is SUPER WIDE and looks more like tube top than a cowl, I guess only time will tell!

Oh and this picture doesn't do it justice on how long it is, the picture looks like it's about the size of a beanie, but in reality it's about 14 inches long!

Off to work on game 3….stay tuned…thank goodness this game and last night's were MUCH lower scores! I have to admit that I've been praying for a low scoring WINNING game. There's no need to have such high scoring games, low scoring works for me! Not to mention, if we continue at the current high scoring rate this cowl is going to be like 10 feet long!


#DiaperNeed Awareness Social Media Webinar


Last October I had the opportunity to present at the National Diaper Bank Network‘s annual national conference in Kansas City on social media!  Not only was this my first national presentation, by my first professional presentation in general, what a way to start!

This year the conference is being held in Seattle and I knew with Eastside Baby Corner being a key component of the conference I’d have a lot of hosting duties and it was decided for me to not present, but was thrilled when I was asked to present my last years conference presentation again in preparation for this week’s Diaper Need Awareness Week!

Last year at the conference I co-presented with the ED of the Austin Diaper Bank, but this time I chose to present with my co-worker Stephanie and we totally rocked it!!!!

The NDBN recorded the webinar and I’m excited to share it with all of you!  It is about an hour long, but if you’re interested in non-profit social media you may enjoy this one!  

Again the presentation was primarily done by myself and co-worker Stephanie Zurn, but we were joined toward the end with Troy Moore of the NDBN.


Steph & Cori waiting for webinar to start!

What is Diaper Need Awareness Week?  

Per the Eastside Baby Corner Blog:

Diapers, or rather the lack of them (a situation known as diaper need), is a serious issue, preventing many at-risk families from breaking out of the cycle of poverty.

In response to the significance of helping families experiencing diaper need, the National Diaper Bank Network created a week of awareness, known as National Diaper Need Awareness Week, to help the public understand how they can help families in their community. It will be held this year September 28th to October 3rd.

Are you interested in getting involved with Diaper Need Awareness Week?  

Here are some ideas of how to get involved (again from the EBC blog!)

1) Follow EBC on Facebook and Twitter. Leading up to, and during the week, we will share information about diaper need and what you can do to help. Please like and share the posts to help others understand diaper need, as well as ways THEY can help.

2) Join the Twitter Party on Thursday, October 1st. Using hashtag #diaperneed, participate in a nationwide Twitter Party where participants can share information, stories, activities and more from Diaper Need Awareness Week.

3) Donate your Tweet or Post. Surely you’ve heard of crowdsourcing, but how about crowdvoicing? Thanks to a new crowdvoicing platform call Thunderclap, we can amplify our diaper need message by having a Tweet, Tumblr post and Facebook post sent out to thousands of social media users at the same. If you donate your post (which you can do here), Thunderclap will automatically send a tweet or post from you on September 30th at 12pm PST.

The post will say: “Help local diaper banks keep all babies clean, dry & healthy. RT to support #DiaperNeed Awareness Week.”

If you’re interested in learning more about a diaper bank near you click HERE.

One last thing, I wrote a post last year about why cloth diapering isn’t always the answer for struggling families.  It is a great option for many, but (at least in Seattle) there are some strict guidelines that many families in need are unable to meet making it impossible for them to cloth diapering.   Eastside Baby Corner does provide cloth diapers to any family who has the ability to properly care for cloth diapers.  

Please consider doing something to help spread the news about #DiaperNeed!  That’s a challenge!


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